Any price given over the phone, by email, live chat or shown on our website are valid only for the described property.
An additional cost of £15 may apply if we must defrost the fridge or freezer if it has not already been done by the customer.
Access to the electricity and water must be provided If only carpet cleaning is booked, there is £95 minimum charge.
There will be £25 additional cost if we must collect the keys and return them to a different address than the property address cleaned.
We have the right to increase the price of the quote if the property is in a critical cleaning condition, simply depends on how dirty the property is we can change the price accordingly.


We accept the following payment methods: Cash, Online booking on our website using credit or debit card.
Payment is cash ONLY on the day FULL amont upfront Or the FULL amount via bank transfer/paying over the phone prior to cleaning date.


Customer is not entitled to any refund but may be entitled to a free reclean Under the following conditions:

If the Customer/ Landlord/ Estate Agent etc has not Occupied or Carried out Work in the Property after a Service has been Carried out.
If the Customer Reports any issues within 24 hours of the Service being Carried out.
We do not have a refund policy once the service has been provided.

We require 24 hour notice if the customer wants to cancel or re-schedule or amend the booking.
For amendments/ cancellations in less than 24 hours there is 30% fee payable


Parking space for the vehicle used by the cleaners must be arranged by the customer, parking fee is also to be covered by the customer.

We do require at least 24 hours notice when booking is made online, we can not guarantee the availability of a slot if 24 hours notice is not allowed by the customer.

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